The Global War on Cash!

There is a world-wide war on cash.

Governments are working on making us cash free.

No more coins and notes in our pockets, just smart phones.

This makes us more controllable, although the official line is that it will help combat crime.


But what if you are a saver; what will it mean for you ?

This is what ‘Visual Capitalist’ Says :


How can you combat this threat ?

At Legacy Gold, we believe that gold you can hold is the answer.

Physical gold bullion, held outside the banking system, either in bullion bar form in your home or in secure storage, outside the banking system.

Our Customers buy at the lowest price available for pure gold, anywhere, for small quantity purchases.

This enables everyone to be able to afford to save in gold, without the danger that the bank could use YOUR savings to bail themselves out.


Gold holds many answers for many people.

Does it hold the answers YOU have been looking for?

Take a look, open your free account and give us a try.

You’ll be glad you did.

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