What is Network Franchising?

There’s a perception in network marketing that around 95% of people who get involved to build a business, will fail.

OK, failure is relative and can mean different things to different people, in the same way as Success can, but here’s the rub:

Why do people believe that only 5% will succeed?


Even company directors believe it.

They believe that turnover of independent distributors, is a necessary evil; an unfortunate side effect of the way the direct sales industry conducts its business.

They believe it because that’s what their leaders in the field tell them.

And the leaders in the field believe it, because that’s what the network marketing gurus say – the world-leading industry experts.

They say it’s a numbers game.

Throw the mud against the wall and see what sticks. The cream will rise to the top….

The ones who fail are just casualties of the industry.


But no-one addresses the root of the problem.

The symptoms, sure, but not the cause.

And the ‘casualties’, who may have had their dreams shattered, are very quick to damn the industry as a scam or a broken business model.


You can’t argue with the success of the people who do make it big (5, even 6 figure monthly cheque earners), but what would their success be like if they had a 95% SUCCESS rate instead of just 5%?



What sort of industry, that offers people the chance to run their OWN business, offers that level of success?

Is there one?

Well, yes there is.

It’s called Franchising.


Franchising succeeds across a vast range of products and services.

You know the brands: McDonalds, Anytime Fitness, Subway, KwikFit, Hilton Hotels, KFC, Carphone Warehouse, Clarks, Dominos Pizza… (and hundreds more who you never even realized were franchises).


Franchising offers a system.

A brand, a product that people want or need, marketing tools and most importantly, training.


Help and support.

And people pay for that privilege.

It can be over a million pounds!


What would happen if McDonalds adopted the ‘let’s throw mud against the wall and see what sticks’ approach?

Took the money off their franchisees and then left them to their own devices?

What would their customer service be like, let alone their products!

Their brand and customer base wouldn’t last very long I’m sure you’ll agree.

They’d probably have, well, a 5% success rate?


Why shouldn’t network marketing have a 95% success rate?

Let’s look at what we DO have?

Most (not all) network opportunities offer a home-based business with no staff, stock, targets, boss, commute, set hours, risk, experience required, stress, conflict, investment…

But hey… Wait a minute!

People don’t have to invest? There’s no risk, so what happens?

People treat it as such.

They treat it like a game, a plaything where it doesn’t really matter if it succeeds or not.

So if they fail, they don’t stand to lose a lot, but they’ll happily tell people that networking doesn’t work.


And because the leaders don’t want to hear the negative stuff, they’ll just accept it.

They have done for decades.

In fact – they’ll even begin to teach it.

And soon it becomes the norm.

Accepted practice.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Legacy Gold is a people business with a product that doesn’t have to be retailed, doesn’t have a sell by date and is an asset rather than a liability.

We ensure that NO-ONE can lose ANYTHING from our business model.

To succeed, you’ll have to put in a bit of effort.

Your results will be directly proportional to that effort you put in.

But the rewards will be worth it.

And we’ll help you every step of the way.


Our Business is based on people!

We build people.

And people build the Business.


Legacy Gold is a Network Franchise:

All the support of a franchise plus,

all the benefits of a successful network marketing business.


In fact, we’re so confident in our business model, our Founder, Shaun Charity, will personally answer all emails he receives and answer any questions you have, at this specially set up address:



Invest in yourself for once. You’re worth it!

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