The Allure of Gold

Whether in books or on film, GOLD has come to symbolize the ultimate store of wealth.

More than diamonds and rubies, or banknote-filled suitcases, it represents not only personal fortunes, but national fortunes of the richest countries in the world.

The first standardised gold bars began to appear in the 18th Century, although it’s been used as a means of exchange for over 5000 years.

Since Victorian times, gold bars have featured large in popular culture, from films like the Italian Job and Goldfinger, where the desire for gold invariably brings out the worst in people, to modern living where the very presence of gold symbolises success and affluence.


Bullion bars and conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories have been fuelled by stories surrounding gold bullion for thousands of years. From claims of hidden treasure to stories of vast wealth left behind by beaten political regimes, theories abound around Nazi Gold and Libyan Gold, Tsar’s Gold and Chinese Gold – and who are we to question them? Such is the aspirational and monetary value of gold, that throughout history, men have done unspeakable things in pursuit of the most alluring of possessions.

Own your own piece of history

Why is it so valued? Because it’s a finite resource. Because it is REAL money, a store of wealth, not just a currency that loses its purchasing power over time.

By buying fine gold gold bullion online, physical gold you can hold, you create a legacy all of your own. And it doesn’t have to be a Goldfinger-sized Bullion Bar! The Legacy Gold range starts from as small as a single gram – for about the same price as a restaurant meal for two (without the wine). In fact, we offer the lowest prices for fine gold, anywhere.


“Gold: There’s nothing else in the world that can compare to its look, its feel or the empowerment that it offers to people.”

Shaun Charity, Founder of Legacy Gold

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