What do we all have the same of, but all use differently?

How many times when you are talking to someone about something they love or a dream they want to achieve, do you hear them give their excuse for not achieving it: “I just don’t have the time!”?

How many times have YOU said it?

But is that really the truth?


It may appear that we don’t have time, but when you really start to look at what we do with our time and how much we waste, we soon see that it’s just a story we tell ourselves and use as an excuse. A story that is keeping us from achieving our dreams.

In today’s fast-moving internet age, it’s even easier to lose time without even realising it. We look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; we play mindless games, watch inane reality streams… And we still have the old fashioned distractions of the TV!

Before we know it, the day is gone.

Before we know it, the week, month, year… life, is gone.

Isn’t it time we took care of our most valuable asset?

How about limiting the time we spend on social media and in front of the box in the corner of the room. What about asking ourselves: “Is this moving me closer to my dream?”

The successful people in life have the same number of minutes in a day as you and I. It’s all about how we use them. We all need time to relax, but not all of our free time. If social media can help you, use it; If a TV programme has benefits for you, watch it; If a book can add value to your life, read it.


At Legacy Gold, we believe that everyone deserves to live the life of their dreams.

We help people secure their futures.

We help you with your financial future by offering the finest quality gold at the cheapest prices available;

We pay you for recommending us to others;

We reward you for using your time wisely and building a legacy of your own.


However, to have the lifestyle you deserve, you need to make the best of the time you have. We believe in helping people become the best they can be.

We are Creating a culture.

Everyone has the same opportunity. Don’t let time-wasting steal yours.


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